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Mission Statement

Clear Summit Investments creates opportunities for investors to transparently grow their wealth through the power of community and sustainability focused real estate.

Our Company


Clear Summit Investments focuses on a value-add strategy with the aim of long-term wealth creation. Our strategy has three key steps.





An often used saying in real estate investing is that you make money when you buy. At Clear Summit Investments we have made this one of the pillars of our strategy. By acquiring properties that are priced below market or have unrealized potential, the upside potential of a deal is locked in from the start. We scour the markets and use our established network to find undervalued properties with redevelopment potential. We conduct extensive due diligence and negotiate to ensure the project meets our investment criteria. The final step in the acquisition process is pooling funds from our investors to make the deal happen.


Every property is unique and receives a full custom business plan. The plan addresses how we can reposition or develop the property to achieve its highest and best use, reduce expenses, increase revenue, improve sustainability, and add value to our tenants. We consider the zoning, the physical condition and deed restrictions to determine the legal possibilities for each properties. Then we analyze the local market, demographics, political climate and other environmental factors to determine the best use for the property. We take a holistic approach to consider the local economy and community, and ensure the project will be a benefit for all and help to grow and improve the local area. Combined with a cost study, we create a fully encompassing picture of the future of the property. 


After we have executed the plan, it is time to reap the rewards. The property is handed over to our asset management team to operate for the long term. Depending on the deal, investors either receive their capital and profits at this time for a quick payout that they can keep or invest in other deals, or they maintain their equity position and enjoy monthly cash flow, asset growth and tax benefits for the long term.

Our Company Values



It means doing the right thing. Our measure of integrity is acting with transparency and in the interests of our investors and our community at all times.

Working For Tomorrow

Investing is a long term gam​e and everything we do today, is aimed at building a better tomorrow. We pride ourselves in our ability to position properties for long term growth and in creating value that will last for generations.


Our focus is on building long term partnerships for long term success. We believe that the mutual success and satisfaction of our investors and our tenants will lead to a synergy, growth and reward.


Real estate investing comes with unforeseen challenges around every corner. We embrace the challenges and move forward with perseverance, integrity and with solutions that strengthen our partnerships and build for tomorrow.

Our Team

Our Team
Zander Kempf
Founder & CEO
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Clear Summit Investments is led by its Founder, Zander Kempf. Zander has spent close to a decade working in all aspects of real estate development, construction and finance. With commercial development experience in high rises, industrial subdivisions and retail across the Hawaiian Islands. Armed with a refined investment thesis, passion and relentless determination, Zander is growing Clear Summit Investments and welcomes new partnerships.

Zander Kempf Clear Summit Investments.png

Service to our Country

Zander achieved the rank of Captain while serving as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army. As a Platoon Leader, he was part of the effort that freed the city of Mosul, Iraq from ISIS. After his deployment, Zander became the Signal Detachment Commander of the 3rd Special Forces Group providing communication networks for teams in the Middle East and Africa. During his time in service, Zander received three Army Commendation Medals and a Combat Action Badge. Zander is honored to have had the opportunity to serve his country and to lead and mentor his team of soldiers.


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Business Concentration

Bucknell University 

Capital Markets Graduate Certificate

UNC Chapel Hill

Commercial Real Estate Development Graduate Certificate

Cornell University 

Industry Involvement

Commercial Real Estate Development

Association, NAIOP Member

Licensed real estate agent in

New Hampshire and Hawaii

Personal Constitution

“I believe that success is achieved not by an individual but by a team, and that working together with your friends, family, and community is the only way to get there. I will focus my efforts exclusively on areas that produce scalable long-term results. Every decision that I make will be with my end goals in mind. I will never stop until my goals have been accomplished. 

Focus, execute, win… again, and again, and again.”

-Zander Kempf

Work Life Balance

Nothing is more important in life than happiness. You have two choices in life, live to work or work to live. We believe the latter not only allows for a truly happy life, but also provides the most sincere form of motivation to succeed in business. 


Zander is an avid outdoorsman. He spends his time living in Hawaii where he enjoys free diving, rock climbing, mountain biking and kiteboarding. When he is back in his home state of New Hampshire he enjoys skiing. On his bucket list is the plan to climb the tallest peak on every continent (sorry Mom). Zander enjoys traveling the world and learning about other cultures. So far, he has visited nearly two dozen countries.

Opportunities don't happen. You create them. 
-Chris Grosser
Senior Partner
Joe Ogren
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Joe has over 6 years of commercial real estate experience, including as a contaminated real estate portfolio manager a Fortune 100 company. Joe has overseen due diligence, financial analysis and investor relations.  


B.S. Chemical Engineering

Division One Baseball Team Captain
Bucknell University

Teamwork makes the dream work!
-John C. Maxwell
Junior Partner
Luke Hartman
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Luke has a strong background in business and finance. His focus is in investors relations, and acquisitions and operations. 

B.S. Business 

Bucknell University

Masters Quantitative Management 

Duke University

The Planet

Green is good. It’s better for the planet, the tenants, and the bottom line.

In an effort to take care of our planet, our projects focus on sustainability, reducing energy consumption and sourcing local materials and labor. We are striving for LEED certifications, solar energy, gray water recycling, rainwater capture, and many other techniques. This reduces our environmental impact, creates jobs and helps to build the local economy. ​


The People

As developers, we believe that it is paramount to be active and supportive contributors to the community. Every year we donate a portion of our profits to local affordable housing initiatives. We are constantly searching for new-age construction techniques and methods of building housing in a more sustainable and affordable manner. We are committed to the betterment of our communities.

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